"I am the poster child for things to go wrong with a merchant. That is until I found PowerPay. Since then, not only has PowerPay made it easy for me to ensure my businesses can process credit cards, but it's always good to know I can pick up the phone and talk to a real live person. Since being first introduced to PowerPay many years ago, I've been a PowerPay fanatic. I've referred literally countless numbers of people to them because I know they will be taken care of. If your business depends on accepting credit card payments, you owe it to yourself align with PowerPay immediately. Take it from someone who has seen the worst of the credit card industry, PowerPay is simply the best."

Armand Morin
CEO, Armand Morin Network

"If other Merchant Account Providers were free and paid me to use them, I would still use PowerPay. In the merchant account business, relationship is the only thing that matters. The guys at PowerPay care about you and your business." 

"If you want to risk your business and money, then look elsewhere. If you know the importance of having people that have your back and care about your business, get started today and have one less thing to worry about in your business."

Mike Filsaime

"I suppose all Merchant Account Providers should hate me. I specialize in massive product launches that do crazy sales in very short periods of times - like up to a million dollars in a single hour. Even worse, I actually teach other businesses how to do those huge product launches."

"Before I found PowerPay, the big problem with those launches was actually getting paid - finding a merchant account that would work with us and that could handle our big spikes in sales. In other words, making sales was easy... processing the payments was really hard."

"Well, those problems are a thing of the past since we switched to PowerPay... they understand "our kind" of business, and the lines of communication are always open. In short, they have been AWESOME to deal with and we love working with them."

"Getting paid is serious stuff, and it's nice to work with a company that we can trust. PowerPay is that company."

Jeff Walker

"If you're ready to take the next step in your business and partner up with a payment processing company, there's one I recommend for both large and small businesses: PowerPay. I've worked with many different ones over my years in business, but PowerPay is the one I recommend. I'm very satisfied with their service and how they value each customer."

Ali Brown
CEO, Ali International, LLC

"Don't ask about the processing fees, the monthly fees - and just sign up to get your PowerPay account right now. Believe me; I've been through merchant account hell with 5 different companies because those other companies never understood my business."

"I guarantee you'll be better off with PowerPay than anyone - and I mean anyone else."

Matt Bacak
Internet Marketer

"PowerPay literally saved the launch of my latest product, The Mini Site Creator Home Study Course. Within 48 hours you had me up and running after another processor left me hanging in the breeze because, in their words, I was doing "TOO MUCH" business! Words can not describe how happy I am with your service."

"You guys are fast, courteous, bend over backwards to help and do exactly what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it....and your fees are competitive. I've had zero problems."

"I tell EVERYONE if they want to get a merchant account, contact PowerPay...you'll be very glad you did!"

Jim Edwards
The Mini-Site Creator Home Study Course
"Step-By-Step, Click-By-Click... Exactly WHAT To Do and HOW To Do It To
Build Your Own Money-Making Websites... 100% Guaranteed!"

"This has been an incredible online business resource. If you have serious plans to grow your business and you don't want the headaches that come with the run-of-the-mill merchant accounts, then consider it indispensable. I haven't stopped smiling since switching."

Randy Gilbert
Mentor to best selling authors (www.BestSellerU.com) and host of 'www.TheInsideSuccessShow.com'

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