Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding General PCI Compliance

What is PCI compliance?

How come I haven’t heard about PCI compliance or validation before?

What does this mean for my business?

Does validating PCI compliance guarantee a data breach will not occur?

Questions Regarding PCI Compliance Validation

What do I need to do to validate PCI compliance?

Who can help me with my validation requirements?

What is the cost of using PCI TOOLKIT™?

Is using PCI TOOLKIT™ required?

What are the consequences of not validating PCI compliance?

When should I validate PCI compliance by?

Where do I find instructions on filling out the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)?

What do the vulnerability scans do?

I use a compliant gateway (shopping cart, etc.), so do I need vulnerability scans?

I only use my mobile device to accept payments, so do I need vulnerability scans?

My business acts as a third party service provider to merchants. How do I validate?

I don’t know anything about my Internet connection set up, so I’m not sure about vulnerability scans. Where may I find out more information?

What comes after validation?

Questions Regarding Already Existing PCI Compliant and Validated Merchants

Do I need to do anything if I’ve already validated PCI compliance?

If my business model changes or we change the way we process and/or store payment card data, do I need to complete validation again?

Will I incur additional costs if my business model changes or we change the way we process and/or store payment card data?


Contact the PowerPay PCI Compliance Team.

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Did you know?

The cost of cyber crime costs US organizations more than $3.8 million dollars a year.

The cost of non-compliance is 2.65 times higher than the cost of compliance. 12% of consumers care enough about privacy to take action or suffer an inconvenience.

(Source: Ponemon Institute)

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