GIVE U Program

This unique program is based on a simple idea: we put routine merchant account credit card processing to work for alumni associations, at no extra cost to the alumni association or participating business!

How We Can Help Provide Funds to Your Alumni Association

Your current alumni and supporters have some connection to business commerce. Simply by switching their payment processing to PowerPay's platform, a portion of the revenue generated will be sent directly to your alumni association each month to help support alumni programming and initiatives. For the merchant, it's business as usual, backed by PowerPay's exceptional merchant account credit card processing services. For the alumni association, it's a meaningful monthly revenue stream that helps make their good work possible. Participating merchants have helped fund vital school programs like scholarships, campus upgrades, recruiting initiatives and alumni events—without incurring any additional costs.

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With PowerPay's GIVE U Program, merchant account credit card processing for alumni associations is easy for businesses, customers and beneficiaries. There's absolutely no cost to enroll.

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